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Tier 3 develops an effective IT audit readiness program to ensure a more efficient and effective experience, including conducting a gap analysis between your current and future state of controls. In addition, we review your organization’s policies and procedures and ensure that they are up to date and meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management is a structured process that ensures that the security risk levels of third parties and vendors are continually monitored and assessed. We would focus on the management and maintenance of a good working relationship with suppliers and vendors on a long-term basis. This includes but is not limited to better vendor selection, reducing the risk of supply chain disruption, and Strengthening supplier relationships.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management provides enterprise tools and services to assist university units with customized solutions to manage this risk. This also includes Database Security, the process of ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data within the databases.

Penetration Testing

An external penetration test is conducted to search for security vulnerabilities in a company’s internet-facing (external) assets such as websites, mail and FTP (file shares) servers. An internal penetration test is performed within a company’s network, looking for vulnerabilities from inside the network.

Risk Management

Tier 3 applies an integrated approach to identifying and assessing business-critical risks, conducting risk analysis, creating and maintaining risk registers and developing mitigation plans.

IT Asset Management

Tier 3 ensures your organization’s assets are tracked, accounted for, and maintained. Our goal is to help organizations have greater visibility of all their assets. We can leverage the tools you have or recommend popular ITAM software’s.

Application Security

Application security is the process of securing an organizations web applications from malicious actors looking to gain unauthorized access to a company’s network and data.

Issues Management / Remediation Tracking

Tier 3 provides Security issues management/remediation tracking services for organizations to manage security incidents and vulnerabilities. Our “Tier 3” Issues Manager can help you proactively address cyber threats, prevent breaches, minimize compliance liability, and keep your data safe.


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We’re a team of security consultants, analysts, and counsel advising organizations on how to improve its cyber security. We work with both small and large businesses to help identify potential gaps in their security, provide remediation strategies and ultimately help avoid preventable data.

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